Tax time

Our tax appointment is tomorrow. We itemize so I keep a lot of receipts all year long and put them into a spreadsheet for ease of keeping track of expenses and sales.

After trying lots of systems, I realized I’m a simple girl at heart. I honestly hate dealing with money and would barter any day of the week, but few folks here will barter…so I’m forced to do massive  accounting once a year. UGH.

The easiest system for me involves a big clear jar and a pretty box.


One is for not filed yet stuff…


…and the other is for “on the spreadsheet”!

The spreadsheet I wrote is great for our needs. It works!!! Using it, I only spent two hours tonight filling in all the receipts and mileage. Tomorrow I’ll add our tax documents from the drawer, and I’ll be ready for the appointment.

I still hate paying taxes and find it unconstitutional,  but that’s a whole other post bunch of posts!

What’s your homestead system for filing with Uncle Sam?

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