Garden time!


Even though it looks like this outside my front door right now (with 4″-8″ more expected today!!!), I’m getting some things going for my garden!


What could I possibly do with an old ice cream bucket?


I can start a little compost in it!!! 


I’m clabbering a little milk for my hens in one milk jug. Once they get that (today), I’ll wash these out and start seeds in them in a couple of weeks. I’ll cut the bottoms so they hinge, set several into a lightweight tray, fill with compost and dirt, and start a seed set in each one.  The tray goes in/out to harden off the young plants, and then finally I can transplant the plants about three weeks earlier than normal and leave the jug top setting over top to act as a mini greenhouse (removing it on warm days)!

Are you getting ready to garden?

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