Clean up after the flash flood

We picked today to clean up Gramma’s basement because it was super sunny and in the 80’s. Literally everything had to pass through our hands. So much stuff was in cardboard boxes and completely soaked.


This is about half of what we cleaned/tossed today.

We (Teddy, Morgan, Sahara, Michael my nephew, Tyler his friend, and I) started at noon and finished at 9:15 tonight. We worked nonstop the whole time.

We worked around the wall edges  and then the middles of both sides. Even Jake came down and wiped some things off with Clorox wipes and ran things up/down stairs for us.  Furniture had to go outside to dry, rugs had to be drug out and tossed, etc. We mopped and then sucked up water with a shampooer everywhere.  It was so overwhelming. I put as many things as I could into plastic bins for Gramma in case she ever is flooded again.

I am just plumb worn out now.

I learned two things from all of this though: I will never have a basement if we ever move, and I am definitely simplifying here at home. If I died and left my kids to clean up a bunch of stuff, I would roll over in my grave. I am going to do a thorough purge in this house. I already did in two rooms. Now I will in all the rest. I want to be able to clean each room in fifteen minutes tops (dust, sweep, and clean the fans). A lot of stuff has to go to do that.


This is a little store about a mile from us.

I am so very thankful it wasn’t worse though. It was for many others around here, and I know that!

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