New coop decor

People always laugh when I say my chickens love it when I change their coop “decor”, but it’s true! They do!  Every time I start doing any coop work, they stand around the interior door, watching and talking amongst themselves as I carry on. It’s like listening to a foreign running commentary. Once I leave, they all pile in and check everything out for themselves, too. It’s hilarious to listen to them and watch their behavior.


So over the weekend, I dug an old ladder out of the little blue shed out back and nailed it at an angle to the new roosts in the chicken coop. The poor things can’t get up there with clipped wings so I hope they can still hop up the ladder.  I don’t like it when they sleep on the floor.


I also hung up a “poop hammock” (an old tarp) under the roosts. That should catch most of their droppings and make it easy to dump straight into the compost pile.


They do love the new nest boxes but don’t really care for the curtain I installed across four of them last weekend. That shocked me. I figured they’d love the privacy.  They don’t though so I took it down today and left the fronts bare instead (again).


Ted laughed at the nest box curtains when I stuck them in there. I’m sure when I said they weren’t working that he wanted to say, “I told you so,” but he didn’t. 

He’s a smart man. He leaves the commenting to the hens. LOL

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