Setting up the rest of the corral

Ted did it!  The corral pieces he ordered finally came in after four weeks of waiting, so we headed to Hillsboro on Saturday morning to pick them up.  It was a straight over and straight back trip.  

Then it was time to set them up.

It was a little harder than we thought it would be.  The panels didn’t want to set straight because the ground is unlevel, and the sweep gate kept catching on the rounded panels instead of moving through and locking into each one like it was supposed to do.

Ted kept at it though, and eventually, he got it working correctly. 

The cattle watched for a while, and then they moved off to get a little grass and a little shade.  It was hot as blazes out there, and we were racing the incoming storm!

We beat it just as the first raindrops fell!

Now all that’s left to do is grease the headgate and figure out how to teach our cattle to walk through it willingly.  

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