Look what we found!

I’ve been looking for a hog feeder like this for over a year. They are EXPENSIVE brand new so I knew used was the only way I was getting one.  We found a couple of them online, but each time, the seller had them sold before we saw them.  This time, we got it though!  We had to drive all the way to Indiana to get it, but we got it!

This twelve door feeder holds 60 bushels (over 3000 pounds) of feed which means a LOT less filling feeders when we raise the next set of pigs.  In fact, if I’m raising four pigs to market weight, I’ll only fill this feeder one time, and when they eat it all, they should be ready to go! I’m really excited about this because once I have the planned fence put in, I can set and fill this feeder and be done with feed in one short afternoon instead of it being a daily twenty minute chore! 


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