New addition

Sahara found this little kitten after work a couple of nights ago in town.  He was in the concrete in the construction area. She said she had to coax him to her for 20 minutes, and as soon as she got him home she washed the concrete off of his face and feet. We were worried that he might have licked some of the concrete off and swallowed it, so we watched him very closely for two days, and we finally saw him use the litter box. What a relief!

 Now the little stinker has taken over the living room and kitchen, and he is the sweetest and most loving little cat that I’ve ever seen! I got him scheduled into the next Rascal Clinic so he will be neutered next Saturday, and then he can be inside and outside although I don’t think he wants to go out ever. LOL He has discovered the kitchen benches and the kitchen chair cushion, and that is his absolute favorite spot right now. Sahara called him Finn, but I think he looks like a Franklin, and Jake says he looks like a Timmy!

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