Finn is a GIRL!!!

It’s no secret that I am horrible at figuring out if cats are boys or girls. Pretty much all the other animals I can figure out easily, but I always seen to call it wrong on the kittens! We found out when we took thin to be neutered that he was actually a girl! We had her spayed oh, and she’s had an entire week to recuperate. She’s fine now and is bouncing all over the furniture and climbing up the back of the couch and my legs, etc, etc. It is time to introduce her to the rest of the gang!

It didn’t go so well. She saw Tucker, and Tucker saw her near Tucker’s food bowl, and then they started hissing at each other. 

Rory loves everybody and wanted to love her too, but the little kitten was already hissing and had her back up, and he decided he wanted none of that. He kept trying with her, but every time he would get even close to her she would hiss and growl at him. Eventually he backed off so he could go eat breakfast in peace. 

I stood out there with her for about 15 minutes to let them see each other, but the little kitten just wouldn’t calm down. Anytime one of the cats even looked at her, she was hissing and arching her back and growling like crazy. Since they’re so much bigger than she is, I don’t feel comfortable leaving her out there because I’m afraid if they get into a fight she would really get hurt. Evidently she thinks she’s big and bad! LOL I’ll try again tomorrow.

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