Jake’s open tabs

I grabbed Jake’s iPad this morning from the kitchen table to look something up. I had to laugh at the tabs that he had open in Safari ( keep in mind that he’s 11 when you read these):

Fandroid music pictures which look like little monitors laughing

A Google search for “football hair” (what the heck IS football hair?)

The Instagram page for Victor Prokopenya “victorprokopenya” who is an IT entrepreneur and investor in London

The Instagram page for shelzy “shelengovskiy” which looks like it has something to do with video games

The tech section of the Down Time Chronicle

A page telling him how to opt out of Google ads

The Arctic Cool website which is a lot of work out wear and some workout technology

The smarter reviews website opened up to a page about which 2017 probiotic supplements are the most effective

The website Independencerv.com showing the price of a brand new tour bus for $149,079 (???)

A Google search for Plants versus Zombies poppers (toys)

The Amazon site with a search for Plants versus Zombies poppers

A Google shopping search for Toyolo Plants versus Zombies poppers (I’m sensing a theme here and thinking this might be a good idea for Christmas gifts for him)

The arteflame.com website which is all about the Fine Art of outdoor cooking (???)

The New Balance website which is all about workout shoes

Gamefaqs.com about Dragon Ball
I honestly don’t know what to think. LOL

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