Busy Saturday

Busy day today!

·chickens fed and watered,

·eggs gathered,

·pigs fed (that took three trips – they got veggie scraps, a dozen eggs, and their grain) and watered,

·big pig feeder checked to see if it unfroze with all the warmer temps we’ve had this past week (three doors are releasing feed again! Yay! No more schlepping 50lb bags of grain to the pigpen daily!)

·final pumpkins unloaded from the livestock trailer (that was a huge job!!! Ted carried pumpkins for over two hours!!!),

·grocery store floorbox of spoiled pie pumpkins dumped over the hill by tractor to feed the local wildlife (and hopefully sprout in the spring and vine up all over the huge thicket of downed trees to feed the wildlife all summer and provide us with a few pie pumpkins to eat in the fall)

·livestock trailer moved out of the way

The mud Ted’s spraying off of his muck boots was hard earned.

Jake and his cousin were also put to work.

·dishes done

·trash burnt

·LR and kitchen floor swept (thank you Jake!)

·kitchen table washed (thank you Harley!)

·LR and kitchen decluttered and all items put away where they belong (thank you Jake and Harley!)

All of that was accomplished in about three hours on this fine Saturday morning! What does your Saturday look like?

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