Easter 2020

Easter 2020 is here. There’s no doubt that we are all celebrating this holiday quite differently from years past due to COVID-19. For the first time in 25 years, I’m not cooking a huge Easter meal here for the entire family/cooking dishes to take to a huge Easter meal at another family member’s home. Ted said that it feels weird to not be preparing for at least 14 people to be here soon, and Jake and I agreed.

I did have the foresight a month ago to grab chocolate bunnies and a bag of Easter candy and jellybeans (thank you to Kroger for having the Easter display right by the registers because that’s the only thing that reminded me to grab the stuff on March 13!). I didn’t fill baskets this year other than a tiny one for Jake (trying to keep some normalcy for him in all this). I sent Janeesa a magazine subscription, dropped off a book for Teddy and one for Morgan that I ordered a few weeks ago on Amazon (just talked through the car window for a couple of minutes and handed this to them in a sack), and am taking Sahara her item on Tuesday because it hasn’t arrived yet here in the mail (again…just a two minute visit through the car window).

I wish I had a happier post for everyone today, but sometimes its just plain hard to stay positive while all this is going on. It doesn’t feel like Easter. I miss everyone, and this just really sucks. That antibody test cannot get here fast enough! I’ll be first in line to take it just so I can go visit my kids again without any worries!

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