Last weekend early on Saturday morning, I cleaned out an upper kitchen cabinet to see what was in it, use up food close to its expiration, and basically find something to kill a couple of hours. I saved two plastic egg cartons, and on Sunday, Jake and I added a little dirt to them and planted tomato seeds.

I was really concerned for a few days because not one seed was sprouting. I was almost certain I’d somehow done something wrong and wouldn’t have any tomatoes in my garden this year. I checked those little plastic containers obsessively…NOTHING WAS SPROUTING.

This was not good. We eat a LOT of tomato based foods, and those tomato plants are meant to be a substantial part of my Victory Garden and fall food prep. I have hopes of canning multiple quarts of tomato juice, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, and my own version of Rotel. They’re meant to give us so much more than we need so that I can give bags of them away to family, friends, and neighbors to help them out. They’re meant to alleviate our reliance on the food distribution system so it leaves more of that food on store shelves for others in our community. These are heirloom seeds which means I can save seeds from their fruit at the end of the season to plant next spring. None of that happens if the tomato seeds don’t sprout!

Thursday morning, I was making coffee and happened to glance over at them. I SAW SOMETHING GREEN!!! I will admit it: I shrieked, jumped up and down, and did a dance right there in the kitchen, singing “I got tomaaaa-TOES, I got tomaaaa-TOES” (to the tune of La Cucaracha, thank you very much).

Roma and Stupice tomato seedlings

Now here it is just 48 hours later, and just look at these beauties!!! I’m getting ready to transplant them all into two plastic tubs today to give them time to grow bigger before Victory Garden planting time (Mothers’ Day – Gramma Izzie always told me not to plant flowers or warm weather garden plants before Mothers’ Day so I’m going to heed her advice).

Pink Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomato seedlings

I’m so excited! The tomato seeds sprouted!!!

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