Happy 14th birthday, Jake!

My baby isn't a baby anymore. He turned 14. He has a deep voice and that little mustache that young teen boys get. His feet have outgrown my flip-flops, and he's just a hair shorter than me now. His favorite thing in the world now is still coding new Sparta remixes and writing Yellowbross Animations … Continue reading Happy 14th birthday, Jake!

“Freak the Mighty” got me dismissed

Jake's class is reading "Freak the Mighty" together and completing activities that go along with the quiz. I re-read with Jake the chapters covered each day in class, and we talk about the book. It's something we enjoy together every day, and it helps his reading comprehension. Now if you've read that book, you know … Continue reading “Freak the Mighty” got me dismissed

Yellowbross Animations (Episode 9)

It's no secret that my youngest son loves all things coding.  He found the MIT website "Scratch" when he was about five years old, and he has been into coding ever since.  He has almost two thousand coding projects that he's made or collaborated on over the years, and he shows no signs of slowing … Continue reading Yellowbross Animations (Episode 9)