New chicks!

We’ve had a Mama on eggs for the past three weeks, and Saturday morning, they started hatching!

We found a low sided leftover Amazon box and bought a new bag of pine shavings Saturday afternoon, and we moved Mama and her babies and eggs into it that evening. She didn’t peck Ted – not even once! She wasn’t happy about being moved though and was very vocal about that.

The chicks are all black and grey. Jake spouted off something about genetics and rattled off a % and some letters and numbers…I need to send his biology teacher a present this week because Jake definitely learned and retained all of the info from that unit! We aren’t sure how many chicks there are because we were moving them quickly and with just a flashlight in the dark, but I know I scooped them up several times so I think there are at least seven or eight chicks. I hear them peeping under Mama Hen! She’s taking fantastic care of them!

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