Ted saved the neighbor lady across the hill. She was in a panic because she was going through a basket of clothes, and the shirt moved. It was a snake. She’s petrified of them. She tossed the basket out her front door and messaged to ask for help so we went over.

“Ohhhh…just don’t move, snake!” said Ted.

It was inside a folded shirt. He got the shirt on a rake and saw it was a nonvenomous snake, but she was insistent he kill it. He knows they’re valuable in the ecosystem so walked it home instead. He got almost here when it decided to nope out of the shirt. It went in the weeds and can help keep the rodent population down around here.

I’m so proud of him. I know he’s scared to death of snakes so this took a lot of courage to even go over there – let alone walk about half a mile back with the snake hanging from a shirt on a rake!

“Nope! I’m outta here!!! Thanks for the ride!” said the snake. LOL

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