Dollar Tree $2 craft

This is the easiest craft in the world, and it’s so cheap! All you need is a pizza pan and a vinyl placemat from Dollar Tree; you’ll need scissors and a glue gun from your craft room. I made this craft several weeks ago and forgot to post it.

Peel off the pizza pan label and use it to draw a circle around the placemat design. I had two pizza pans so I used the two labels to make a perfect circle stencil. If you only have one, draw half the circle, flip the label over, and draw the other half.

This is what it looked like after I drew the circle on the placemat.

Now cut out your circle design and hot glue it down to the pizza pan. Here is my finished project in my classroom library!

It’s a fast 15 minute craft, and it looks cute in a little display!

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