Sweet & Smoky Salmon

We love the Cedar Bay Sugar & Spice Salmon that’s sold at Kroger. It was a nice splurge at the grocery store when on sale, but it’s recently been running upwards of $21 – $24, and that’s just way too high. I pulled some salmon out of the freezer tonight and started looking for a copycat recipe, and I hit paydirt!

I used this recipe and it was fabulous! I didn’t have the cedar boards, but the topping was spot on. I’ve put the cedar boards in my Amazon cart and will try the recipe fully next time I make this. If you want to try the topping, it’s just four ingredients that you’re likely to have in your pantry: brown sugar, smoked paprika, black pepper, and kosher salt. It’s delicious! Be sure to check out the linked recipe!

If you’re looking for a meal idea, serve it with Zatarains Dirty Rice, steamed broccoli sprinkled with lemon pepper, and a raw veggie plate (we had green pepper strips, baby carrots, and cauliflower) with a little ranch dipping sauce. Make enough veggies so the dinner plate is @ 3/4 covered with veggies.

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