It’s the little things…

…that make you love someone.  Grand gestures are fun, but it’s the day to day little things that reveal the true character of a man’s heart. The little things he thinks nobody notices – those are the things that bind you to him because you DO see them.

Ted mentioned last week that someone had dumped kittens at his work place. They were wild and feral and in a dangerous area. They had to go because the health department doesn’t allow them there.

He came in with this tonight:


Further inspection revealed these:



After a little tasty hot dog snack and some fresh cold water…


…one was a little friendlier.


He even purred like a freight train while resting on me!

Meanwhile, Ted was quietly working with the wild one…


After a good hour,  success!


She let him touch her. She even let herself get picked up and carried to the couch!


I really really love this man. He could have said, “Not my problem! ” He could have walked away. Instead, he caught them, brought them here instead of to the shelter where they probably wouldn’t stand much chance of a forever home because they are on the wild side, and spent an hour working with the little one.


I hope my kids all learn the lesson in what they saw tonight: it’s the little things that make you who you really are, and it’s the little things that keep your husband/wife falling in love with you over and over again!

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