Local meat IS CHEAPER for the buyer!

When you buy locally from a farmer near you, you know you’re supporting a local family and humane treatment of animals. What are the benefits to YOU, the consumer, though?

Aside from the obvious health benefits (anybody will agree cattle not pumped full of antibiotics and being allowed to roam pasture and be CATTLE – cattle NOT confined to one small stall for a year and grained – have to be better for you), the other big benefit to the consumer is going to be felt in the pocketbook.

I present the proof: we purchased a cow with a friend (as we do every year). The cost each was $500. The farmer delivered it to a local butcher where we paid $281.22 each (upon pick-up) to have it butchered.  We told the butcher how we wanted the meat custom packaged by type and weight (hamburger, various types of steaks, ribs, briskets, roasts, etc.).


Do the math. $781.22 divided by 390 pounds of meat = $2.00/lb!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t buy even cheap disgusting looking pink slime “meat” here for $2/lb!


I always forget to snap a pic of all the boxes of meat until AFTER I get it in the freezer! This is the top layer. There are four more boxes full of beef under this PLUS I sent three cloth grocery sacks filled with beef to my Gramma! This will last us a YEAR!

Buying local doesn’t just help a local farming family earn a living – it helps keep grocery money in your pocket while providing a better quality food for YOU!  You can take that extra money each week and put it toward fresh organic fruit for your kids. You can use it to set aside for gardening supplies in the spring so you can grow your own veggies this year or plant a couple of fruit trees in the yard.

The benefits to buying locally are numerous. Know your food; know your farmer!

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