It’s chick time!

I recently placed ads to sell chicks to local folks. I feel like we had a great response for the first year of doing this, and we made up a monthly list of hatch dates and folks who want to start their own little flocks locally. We have hatching date set from March, April, and May, and we have names on each list!


Our first chicks hatched this week, and we had our first dozen picked up yesterday. Right now there are seven little peepers in the warming box and a couple more getting ready to hatch in the incubator. I’ll be calling the second person down the list probably this evening or tomorrow to pick up her little flock starter kit.

This is really exciting for us because one of our goals in having this farm is to help other people locally become self-sustaining. The more people that take back food production from huge companies the better!  Moving food back to a local scale really helps support local economies in small towns, and when sustainable organic farming practices are used, it’s healthier and better all the way around for the area.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something! This is one of our ways of doing something to help further our local folks’ dreams of self-sufficiency!

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