“The Unteachables”

I made it a goal two weeks ago to read more books (especially fiction – I love good fiction!). I ran across this book on Amazon and ordered it immediately. I love anything to do with teaching, and this book didn’t disappoint.

It’s a quick read at just under 300 pages. I took it with me to Jake’s Discovery Club (STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math club) and sat by a little pond, reading for about 90 minutes while he had fun doing an engineering experiment, and I enjoyed it so much that I finished it that night, staying up until about 3am to do so. The book is an easy read, written at the middle school reading level (and aimed at about that age level for the audience, but I’ve always loved Young Adult literature!).

I won’t give the plot away, but at the very beginning of the book, the burnt out, riding out his last year to retirement teacher walks into the classroom he’s been assigned to find the kids – put there for various learning and disciplinary issues – roasting marshmallows on their pencils over a wastebasket fire. This book is HILARIOUS but also it spoke to me as a teacher on a different level and reaffirmed that teaching students with special needs takes a certain kind of teacher to do it and do it well – and I made the right choice to follow this career path into doing it.

Check this book out if you get the chance, and definitely add it to your classroom library if you teach sixth grade or up!

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