Fostering (again)

I was cruising Facebook Saturday and saw this:


I just couldn’t leave her in the pound for the weekend (she’d have been stuck until Monday because the pound is closed Saturday afternoon through Monday morning).  I contacted the assistant dog warden to let her know I’d foster the puppy, and I was on my way to get her a few minutes later.


She’s tiny compared to the last puppy we fostered. Remember this behemoth?  She was so big she didn’t fit on my lap.


This little one is tiny in comparison!

When I picked her up at the pound, she had wedged herself between the chain link of the cage and a big food bowl. She was really scared and trying to hide herself. She burrowed under Ted’s armpit the entire ride home.

Sahara was on puppy duty all afternoon and early evening because we already had plans we couldn’t break. She sat with the puppy on the couch, watching TV and just hanging out. Eventually, she got the puppy to eat a few pieces of kibble and suck water off her fingers. Our other dogs love the puppy, and she loves them. Her little tail started wagging as soon as she met them, and all of this together really helped relax her finally.


Ted took over puppy duty while I cooked a late dinner.  They definitely bonded over a shared love of naps.


She slept for about three and a half hours in our bathroom so I was able to sleep in my bed (with the last puppy, I slept the whole foster time on the couch because that puppy wouldn’t sleep in our bathroom and wouldn’t stay on our bed either – but she loved the doggie bed in the living room!). I enjoyed my three and a half hours and only woke up when this little one started crying; she’d pottied and needed help getting away from it. I cleaned it and her up and then put her in our bed between us. She spent the rest of the night sprawled across Ted. I wish I could’ve gotten a picture. That was too cute!

Eating is still an issue. I think she may have still been nursing so I’m off to get fresh raw goat milk from a friend for the puppy today. She likes baked potatoes so I’m hoping by adding some scrambled eggs and a little goat milk in a bottle so she can nurse a bit for comfort, I can get her up and romping like little puppies should!

I think this new foster is a lab cross. I thought she was a purebred until we got her home and really looked her over. She has a tiny white stripe going down her head and white tipped toes so I’m pretty sure she’s not a purebred. I’m certain, though, that she’s going to have no problem finding a forever home. She’s a little snuggly cuddlebug and has an awesome laid back personality!


Her only issue so far is that she’s a remote hog!

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