Sometimes I just watch

Ted works so hard at his “regular” job, and then he comes home and works hard on the farm. Some of the things he does I just simply can’t do.

For example, I can’t install gate hooks and hinges. I’ve tried. I can drill the hole with the power drill (I *LOVE* the hammer drill!!!), but that’s it. I cannot screw in the gate hooks. It takes brute strength  (or some kind of gate hook aptitude that I clearly lack along with the skills to clip on woven wire fence hooks with that little flippy tool that is the bane of my fencing endeavors). 

Ted is excellent at it. He hung two gates Saturday and one huge one Sunday. He makes it look so easy.


Look at the arm muscles on this man, though!  No wonder the hooks go into the posts like a hot knife into butter. 

Half the fun of farming is getting to watch him do stuff like this! 

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