Benefits of small town living

I picked up Johnny (my best friend’s son) from school Tuesday and then dropped off the puppies for their vet check and rescue. At a red light going through town, he asked, “Is that your VAN???” (referring to smoke around its front).

I assured him it was the car exhaust in front of us.

It wasn’t.

I made it about half a mile further and realized it WAS coming from my van. It was pouring out from under the hood by the time I whipped into a gas station parking lot, and it smelled like something burning, so I hustled Jake, Johnny, and Cooper out of the van and sent them to stand by the gas station doors. I thought the whole thing was about to catch fire!

By that point, TWO PEOPLE (in different autos) had stopped to help me!  One was a retired mechanic named Joe, and bless his heart, he pinpointed the problem immediately: a split radiator hose.


He got electrical tape from his truck, taped it up, refilled the antifreeze, and sent me to Poor Boys Tire (a local shop just back down the way) with instructions to drive no further or else “very bad, very expensive things will happen to your van”!

Poor Boys took a look and made a phone call, and Jackson Implement delivered the part ten minutes later.  My van had to wait her turn behind a couple of other vehicles, but they fixed her right up!  This was very important because I had a mandatory staff meeting in Sandusky (about a five hour drive one way!) the next morning!

By that point, Teddy had picked up Jake and Cooper and went to get Sahara, and Josh had picked up Johnny.

People may say that big city life is where it’s at, but I’ll never believe it. The kindness extended to me this afternoon by strangers was second to none, and I KNOW my van would be stranded roadside or setting in a garage somewhere in a place any bigger than the little town I was in when it happened.

I LOVE this country life I live, and I LOVE the good people of our area of Ohio!

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