Puppy rescue

The puppies are off to the rescue transport! I am happy to say they all were quite sociable with us by the time they left my house Tuesday afternoon. I think it might have had something to do with all the food, tummy rubs, and treats we gave them; even Howler (the black one with the white chest stripe who hated us all the first two days and just stood in the corner howling and growling at us nonstop if we dared look that direction) came running when I did the kissy noise and called.


This is a success!!!


All went to a rescue organization.  All will be spayed and neutered and have necessary medical care until they are old enough to be adopted (in about three more weeks).


I have only fostered one puppy at a time before so eight was a real challenge! I survived though, and the puppies were better off in the end!


Have you ever tried to photograph eight wiggly bouncy puppies? It doesn’t work. I even tried when they were asleep, but one heard me and woke up the others every time. Pictures of them awake are all blurry because they Never.Stopped.Moving!


They hated the cage. Aussie chewed on it the whole ride.

You’ll have to settle for seeing their adorable little faces in the cage on the way for their vet check and then rescue transport. 🙂




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