New chicks!

Ted came home from work last night with two cheeping boxes filled with chicks from the Rural King he passed after work.  My living room now has a plastic bin of little yellow and black chicks because he wanted “to add a little more variety to our flock”. 


These little peepers are LOUD.  They’re nice and quiet with the heat lamp until one gets freaked out by Daisy or the smaller dogs, and then they all carry on horribly.    We had to lock Lucy, Puppers,  and DG on the other side of the house because they were acting very untrustworthy (DG just stared and STARED, Lucy stalked them, and Puppers just hung out by their box, drooling while staring at them like I do at lobster).


Jake and Sahara are having a blast playing with the chicks.  Now Jake is trying to convince Ted to get him a lamb. He should ask for ask turkey.  His Dad’s more likely to buy a bird than anything else with four legs.  LOL

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