A catch up post

We’ve been busy, busy, busy the past five days here!  Saturday was our oldest daughter’s birthday, but she’s currently living in Brazil, so we didn’t get to celebrate with her. 


She’s having a blast though and will be home in April, so we’re looking forward to celebrating her 25th birthday once she’s back.  She spent her birthday weekend sightseeing in Chile, and the pictures she took were just gorgeous!


She loves South America, and from the pictures she posts when she’s there, I can see why.  I’m very grateful for the South Americans in Peru, Brazil, and Chile who have treated her so kindly.  Still, I’ll be glad once she’s back here in the USA. 


Sunday was Easter, and there was an egg hunt, and also there were baskets to be found.  One of Sahara’s friends was fundraising for her school trip to Belize, so I paid her $20 to hide 40 filled eggs in the yard.  WHERE WAS THIS IDEA ALL MY LIFE AS A PARENT?!?  I will do this every single year from now on!  Seriously, egg hiding is the bane of my spring every. single. year.  Not anymore!   The eggs had an assortment of great candy in them, too, and I didn’t have to do anything other than dig out a pail for egg hunting.  Bonus:  the raccoons only stole three of the eggs, so it’s a definite that this will be happening from now on as long as there are little kids wanting egg hunt around here. Yay!


Ted brought home twelve chicks from Rural King last week on Thursday, so we had to get them all set up.  We’re brooding them in the bathroom again (I’m shaking my head as I write this because I never wanted them brooding inside ever again after all the dust last year’s batch caused in there); the temps outside are just too cold at night, and if a bulb would go out or the extension cord become unplugged, they’d die before morning. 


Ted walked the fence after Easter dinner and found there was no electric in the paddock at all, and Beef tore down a section of wire (but didn’t leave the fenced side – go figure!).  He fixed the paddock fence Easter afternoon, and..

…I stayed inside getting hatching chicks from the incubator to the brooder!  We had a decent hatch rate this time: 72%!  Only two died:  one drowned in the water dish (it laid down in about half an inch of water and just drowned!) while we were eating Easter dinner, and one had splayed legs and severely deformed feet, and even though we splinter the legs and sandaled the feet, it still didn’t make it.  I wondered if perhaps something else didn’t form correctly inside and caused its death.  If you’re counting, we now have 40 chicks in the bathroom in the brooder.

Monday I bought a new heat lamp and while switching them out on the brooder, I stepped on Daisy (the fat cat) and fell over the baby gate in the doorway, across the hallway, and through the craft room door. I broke the heat lamp and a picture frame, and I thought I broke my pinky toe and right foot on top.  That was a painful night, but Morgan, my daughter in law, brought pizza and a movie for us all, and Tuesday I felt somewhat better, figured I didn’t break it because I could wiggle the toe, and so took Gramma Izzie out to lunch and shopping. 


I was NOT better though and could barely walk by the time I picked up Sahara from drivers’ ed.  I came home to Ted cooking dinner (there is nothing sexier than a man who cooks dinner!).

Today the foot feels even better, so I had Janeesa’s car detailed and then visited two feed stores…I bought more chicks.


I bought just six Silver Laced Wyandottes to begin with, but then the second store had Cornish Rock for a dollar each,


Cornish Rock are HUGE!  The Wyandotte is the same age, and look at the size difference!


and Golden Comets were on sale,


and then there were SILKIES (both breeds I’ve been wanting forever) so I ended up with a big box of all those.


If you’re counting, we’re now up to 72 chicks in the brooder…

…did I mention I set 41 eggs last night?  Those will hatch in three weeks.


Also, I got home today, and I found this on my front porch! At least it’s a male so we won’t get any kittens. I’m not sure if somebody dumped this one or if he wandered up here on his own because he is fairly older. He’s super skinny though so he’ll have to be wormed and neutered soon if he hangs around.

Now you’re all caught up with what ever been doing for the past five days!  I wish my spring break could last another month. The past few days have been awesome (except for the foot – it hurts!!!)!

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