We can’t give it away!

Believe me.  We’ve tried for two years to give away the giant pile of cherry wood, and we’ve had two takers.  

Finally, Ted read that a leaf blower, when aimed at the base of the woodpile, would fan the flames enough that it would burn quickly.  He went to work yesterday and came home with a leaf blower he picked up at Home Depot.

He was out here bright and early this morning, trying to burn the woodpile.  The leaf blower really whipped that fire into a roaring inferno, and it did burn quickly – but not as fast as he’d hoped.  It looks like we will be out here watching it most of the day. 

 Once it’s gone, then we’re ready to add in the next piece of fencing which will hold the water and feed troughs (making feeding them much easier and faster) and a run in shelter on skids (so we can move it).  The new fence will be wooden and built strong enough to hold a borrowed bull next year when we breed all four cows, and then we will move into offering beef for sale!  

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