If at first you don’t succeed…

…try, try again!

Ted brought a big bale of hay up for the pigs. First he came in the yard front ways to try to set it over the fence for them. That didn’t work because he couldn’t see to get between the fence and the tree, and even if it had worked he realized there was no room to turn around between the fish pond and their fence to set the hay in.

Next, he tried backing in the yard so he could back between the tree and fence, and then he would have been able to just set the hay straight over the fence. That didn’t work because he started hitting the garden raised boxes with the rear tractor tires and squashing them.

Finally, he went all the way up the driveway, around behind the church, and then down through the field and into the backyard. He squeezed between the kitchen steps and the fish pond, and he was able to set the bale of hay just over the fence and drop it.

Then he backed out of the yard and went back around the same way that he came to get back on the driveway.

The pigs were thrilled! They love fresh hay to eat. They’ll be set up with that huge 750 pound bale of hay for the next three weeks!!

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