Sometimes “Momming” is hard

Jake is currently mad at me. Let me start off this post by saying that he got to go with his grandparents and cousin yesterday to a local festival, and then his cousin got to stay the night. They had no bedtime and got to play tons of video games, watch tv, draw pictures, etc. The only things I asked them to do: dishes to the kitchen, folded small stack of clothes to the dresser, and put the dirty laundry in a basket to wash later. They did those things without any complaints (it took them all of five minutes). I say all of that to let you know that my kid has had a great weekend with lots of fun so far.

After Jake’s cousin left, Jake made and ate pizza rolls while I was doing laundry. He came back with his plate to make more, so I asked him how many he just ate. Answer: 15, and he was going to make 15 more.

Ummmm…. NO.

I showed him the nutrition info, and we did the math to see the calories and vitamins and minerals. I tried to tell him how these are empty calories, and his growing body needs nutritious food. I tried to tell him I’d prefer chocolate cake, but I can’t eat multiple pieces daily, or I’d be very unhealthy. I tried talking to him about how bad food choices can contribute to diabetes and heart disease (both of which run in our family). I showed him a lot of healthy choices in our fridge.

He’s still mad because I won’t let him eat over 1100 empty calories in pizza rolls.

Too bad. He’ll get over it. He won’t starve (I sent a dish of pineapple with him, and he can choose any other healthy thing from the fridge that he wants).

Sometimes “momming” stinks.

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