I got the vaccine!

I got my COVID19 vaccine Friday, 2/5/2021 (shot 1 of 2 – Pfizer version). My school district arranged this for every staff member that wanted it. The shot felt like nothing, and I’m not kidding when I say that. If you’re afraid of getting this because of the shot itself, let me assure you that this is nothing to fear. A mosquito bite stings more!  I will post any and all side effects (if I get any) in the interest of keeping it real and to hopefully encourage others out there to get vaccinated against COVID19, too!

I got it because I want to hug the people I love again without fear of making them sick or them making me sick. I got it because I want my students to be safe around me and not get the virus from me. I got it because if Gramma Izzie was here, I would be doing it to keep her safe – and everyone else’s grandma is just as important to them as Gramma was (and still is) to me. I got it because there are people with severe allergies (not just my Dad) who can’t take the vaccine, and I can help protect those people by getting it and stopping its spread. I got it because this virus isn’t going to go away if all of us that CAN do our part DON’T do our part.

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