My COVID19 vaccine – Day 2 update

Saturday 2/6/2021 –  my COVID19 vaccine update:  It’s been 20.5 hours since I received the vaccine.  The only side effect I have is a little tightness/swelling/soreness in my upper arm. It doesn’t extend up to my shoulder or down to my elbow, and I have no redness. I can move my arm all around and really only “feel” it when I lift my arm over my head. I honestly expected to feel like I do after a tetanus shot (which always makes me feel like I got kicked by a horse in the arm) so I’m pleased to NOT be feeling like that. It honestly feels no worse than when I’ve gotten a good whack on my arm when I’ve raised up into an open cabinet door and it’s left a big bruise (ie: I don’t really feel it unless I move my arm to a certain height where the swelling/bruise gets sort of “pinched”). I had no problem sleeping on that side last night, and I’m not fatigued.

Just a note: I made sure to move my arm a LOT yesterday from the time I got the shot until I went to bed. I moved it often up, down, back/forth, etc (same as I would after doing an arm workout to try to keep the muscle from stiffening up and being too sore), and I’ve done that today also. Maybe that’s helped?

I have not taken any Tylenol, Advil, etc. I don’t need it.

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