Pizza dough recipe

My baking table, ready for daily baking of all sorts I've found it!!! This is the perfect pizza dough recipe!!! I've tried several over the years, and with all this time to practice due to COVID-19 and self-isolating, I've tweaked my recipe over and over until I finally hit on the perfect combination of ingredients! … Continue reading Pizza dough recipe

Friday night is still pizza night

Pizza night just looks a little different now due to the fact that we're doing our part and self-isolating to help flatten the curve/stop the spread of COVID19. Here's a quick recipe I came up with, and Ted and Jake both like it. Ingredients: frozen bread dough or frozen rolls, spaghetti sauce, toppings (What do … Continue reading Friday night is still pizza night

It’s a kitchen day today!

I love what I call my "kitchen days". Those are the times when I spend an entire day in the kitchen, cleaning and cooking/canning/freezing recipes, etc. My happy places are my kitchen, the barn, the local library, any beach by the ocean/sea, Christmas Eve/Morning (wherever the festivities take place), and Disneyworld. And today is a … Continue reading It’s a kitchen day today!