Ask and ye shall receive

A high school classmate messaged me last weekend to ask if I wanted some canning jars. Of course, I said, “YES!!!”


This is her idea of some. This pic already had four boxes missing when I snapped it.

I love that I’m the first person my former classmates think of when they have jars, egg cartons, chickens, etc. to give to a new home.  I’m still the same self-proclaimed hippie I was back then, and they know it.


The jars (about 16 dozen!!!) had been stored in the garage in boxes, but any time I’m going to use jars for food preservation, I make sure they’re spotless before storing them. There’s nothing worse than having a pile of beans snapped or pots of tomato sauce boiling and realize you’re short a couple of jars so you have to wash jars before you can sterilize them and use them!


I soak jars in the sink for about three hours and then scrub them by hand. Then I pop them in the dishwasher and wash and sterilize them.

I’m going to have to bribe my kids with a homemade chocolate cake to get all these sparkling clean jars to my empty jar shelf…..LOL

PLEASE NOTE: A wise friend pointed out that some folks may not know all jars, even when washed and sterilized before storing, MUST be rinsed out and STERILIZED AGAIN immediately before filling with food. This post just tells what I do to prep my jars for STORAGE. 🙂

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