Luci had babies!

Yesterday, Luci came and got us, following us around in the kitchen and making strange meows.  Sahara followed her to see what she wanted, and Luci went straight to the box I’d set up for her earlier in the week and promptly gave birth to a kitten!  Sahara yelled for us, and we watched, petting Luci most of the time.  Luci purred through her entire labor and gave birth to four kittens easily.

Jake cried a little, and we told him she was just fine (we thought he was worried). He said, “I’m not scared. It’s just….it’s just…it’s just SO SPECIAL!!!”  I hugged him and told him lots of new daddies cry for the same reason.  LOL. 

I fixed up a clean box with soft bedding and put Luci and her kittens in my bedroom where they’d be warm and safe from Daisy (who kept trying to steal a kitten).

Sometime between this morning at 10:30 and noon, Luci had a fifth baby, but it was stillborn. In examining it, we noticed there was no umbilical cord; it looked as if the cord broke off at the navel while the kitten was still inside. Its little chest wasn’t filled out (like it never took a breath). The placenta came out, and Luci let me take the kitten without any fuss, and she didn’t look for it afterward.  

The kittens all look like little Holstein calves!  They’re white and black spotted and SO CUTE!!!  Luci is being an excellent Mama, and she loves for us to visit and pet her and stroke her little kittens’ heads.

I’m a big supporter of having cats and dogs spayed and neutered.   I had an appointment for Luci when she was younger but found she didn’t weigh enough (she was under two pounds) the morning of the appointment.  Later, I went to a sign up that the local Humane Society was hosting, and it was rainy and so cold, and the line wrapped out the door, down the sidewalk, and around the corner. I thought, “Nope…I’ll just take her to the vet because if I stand in that for two hours, I’ll get sick!”  Annnnddddd….then life got in the way, and I didn’t make the appointment,  and Ted (not knowing she was in heat) let Luci out because she loves to be outside, and….and now I have four little kittens I’m responsible for.  Luci is on the list now (and has been for a couple of weeks now) through a local cat shelter to be spayed as soon as the kittens are weaned, and everybody is under strict orders to not let her out of the house under any circumstances! 

 We love the little kittens already.  These are going to be some well socialized little kittens by the time they go to their new homes!

2 thoughts on “Luci had babies!

  1. Luci is a beautiful girl, and I can’t wait to see pictures of the kittens as they get bigger! 🙂
    Friendly, well socialized babies is a grand thing too…we just had all but 1 of our barn cat femals spayed (we’ve yet to catch the last one, she’s a bit elusive!), and the staff at the clinic kept telling us “We can’t believe how friendly they are! We never meet barn cats this friendly!”
    It goes with handling them from birth. 🙂

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